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The Church of the Precious Blood is a community faith on a journey to be disciples of the Lord Jesus. Join us to celebrate the Eucharist, to share faith in our Faith Sharing Groups, to be good Shepherds of all that God has given us by sharing our resources with those in need and in sharing our faith with those about us. As a commuity we strive to be a beacon of hope, faith and love to those about us. Join us!  Email us

Famiily Promise

Once again we are blessed as a community to host Family Promise in our Parish Center during the week of August 28 - September 4. During that time our parish becomes a home for homeless families - families from right here in Monmouth County. It is amazing that in this extremely wealthy county each night there are 200 children who experience homelessness. Of course there are many reason why these families have no shelter: loss of jobs, illness which creates unemployment; the high cost of housing in our county. Some times, we know, people cause their own homelessness but in most cases its not that simple. And so, Family Promise is there to help. In one year through Family Promise over 10,000 meals are served and over 5,000 bed nights are provided. And while families are in the Family Promise program a social worker and others work with them to find employment and permanent housing. And the success rate is wonderful.

And so, we are blessed to be part of it all! While our guests are here over 50 people are given the opportunity to be disciples, to serve those in need just as Jesus insisted we must do. Volunteers can help serve meals, spend time with the guests, play games with the children and even stay overnight with them.

If you've never been part of Family Promise please consider taking the opportunity. We will host Family Promise four or five times each year. Be sure to pray for the program, the families and the volunteers and give thanks to God for our opportunity to be disciples.

Fr. Bob




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