Spiritual Life Committee

Our purpose is help faith-filled people enrich their faith and to provide                          meaningful opportunities to guide them on their journey.


   Faith-Sharing Groups.   We encourage and facilitate groups who are looking to enhance the understanding of their faith.  We help to organize the groups, prepare the materials and meetings.

   Retreats.  We help coordinate and set up both the men’s and women’s retreats each year. This is usually an all weekend experience which we put together during the first months of each year.

    RICA.  We champion or guide all people who are interested in coming into the Roman Catholic Church.

    Summer Film Festival.  We present a multi-part CD series of different items of interest for our community.   Some examples of prior sessions include: Catholicism, The Beatitudes, Mary, Mother of God and Pivotal Players, just to name a few.  The CD presentation usually runs once a week for 4-5 weeks each summer.

    Our Lady of Guadalupe Torch.   This is relatively new event for our Parish where we welcome the Torch for one week in our church and then bring it to the next parish for the following week.  It is a beautiful and inspiring experience for all in our community.

  Prayer Fair.   We have presented this fair a few times over the years.  It offers different styles of prayer styles to introduce and inform our community of the varied and wonder ways we can pray to God.

Chairperson: Marion Maloney mjmaloney1@yahoo.com

Phone number is: 732-403-1825 (cell) or 732-751-5468 (work)


Parish Council Spiritual Life: Muncie Abood   
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