Our Sister Parish - Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Lasserre, Haiti

In August, 2014, a team of four people from The Church of the Precious Blood visited Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Lasserre, Haiti. Monsignor Domond, the pastor, had been named pastor the January before and was given the challenge to develop the parish. Our Lady of Perpetual Help had been a mission of a parish in a neighboring town for 100 years but had never had a resident pastor. We sat with Fr. Domond as he shared with us his dream of what the parish could be.

We shared his dream with the parish and we decided to "adopt" the parish as our "Sister" parish and do what we could to support the parish with our prayers and financial help.

This January, 2018, we revisted the parish and saw the amazing things that have happened in three and a half years:

  • There is now a school which 175 students and the frame of a buiilding which when finished will double the size of the school
  • There is an additional Parish house to house a growing staff
  • There is a clinic which provides a local doctor wiht the facility to treat parishioners.
  • A water pump was added making it possible for a variety of trees and plants to grow providing food for the parish and the neigbors.
  • A cistern filled by the water pumb provides water for people of the village

We will continue to help Father Domond realize his dream and help the people of Lasserre with an enhanced quality of life. We will be planning more visits to the parish. If you're interested in being part of this Mission please contact the parish office

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