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The Church of the Precious Blood is a community faith on a journey to be disciples of the Lord Jesus. Join us to celebrate the Eucharist, to share faith in our Faith Sharing Groups, to be good Shepherds of all that God has given us by sharing our resources with those in need and in sharing our faith with those about us. As a commuity we strive to be a beacon of hope, faith and love to those about us. Join us!  Email us

 Summer! We begin another beautiful summer at the Beach. How blessed we are. There is something about the changed pace of our lives during these months that can make it a little easier to discover our spiritual path. The times we can spend sitting on the beach and experiencing God's wonderful creation; the times away in the mountains or the lakes highten our sensitivity to the sacred that surrounds us; the time with family and friends enjoying one another's presence helps us to experience the wonder of play and joy. Be sure to use this beautiful time to pay attention to the sacred - it surrounds us.

One thing you might do that is different this summer is to take some time to walk our Labyrinth. It's located on the side of the Parish Center in a new meditation area. Click here for information about it and about Labyrinths in general.

Fr. Bob

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Saturday: 5:00 PM
Sunday: 7:30, 9:00, 10:30 and 12:00 noon
Weekdays: Monday thru Friday 7:30am - Saturday 9:00am
Confession: after 9:00 AM Mass Saturday

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